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I m b u e   S t u d i o  
K. E.  M a r s z y c k i
Painting is a bit like being a dancer in the dark.  It is a process of
exploration, of what boundary to push, to what degree to be free or to
limit one's self.  It is sometimes a  fierce navigation, as the more I know,
the less I am certain.

I work in various mediums  -- oil, acrylic, mixed media and collage --
and in a variety of genres, such as traditional landscapes or abstract /
nonrepresentational.  So much depends upon the materials, the
surface I am working on at the moment and the mood.  Oftentimes the
season itself dictates what and how I will work.

I find insp
iration in the American Tonalists George Inness, Charles
Warren Eaton and James Whistler, but also in the
works of Rothko,
Frankenthaler and Diebenkorn.  

I have studied with Carol Odel, Brian Colbath, Jack
Broderick, Yura
Adams, Joyce Silverstone and Diane Gorrick.  I
frequently take
intensive workshops at Castle Hill, Truro, Cape Cod
, IS183 in Lenox,
and Zea May's Printmaking in Florence, MA.
Gallery History:

Solo Exhibit
Aetna Corporate Headquarters
Hartford, CT
December 2011

Hartford Open Studios
Hartford, CT
November 2011

Left Bank Gallery
Essex, CT

Musee de l'Art du Collage
Brittany, France
May 2011

Trakart Gallery
National School of Fine Art
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
August 2010

The Tart Gallery
New Zealand
April 2010

The Connecticut River Museum,
Painting the River, Aug-October,

The Cooley Gallery, Old Lyme,
CT (2008-9)

The Gallery at 85 Main,
Centerbrook, CT (2008)

Hartford Fine Art & Framing,
East Hartford, CT  (2007)

MA, Trinity College, CT

MS, Southern CT State
University, CT

Post-graduate work, University
of Rhode Island
Corporate Collectors:

Aspen Re, Inc., Rocky Hill, CT

Doherty Associates, LLC, San Francisco, CA

The Bee & Thistle Inn & Spa, Old Lyme, CT
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